So Socks II left for San Francisco yesterday at 5am, she is in the capable hands of Tony and Cheryl.

The had 4157km to drive.

The border crossing went well and Socks gained entry to the states with no real problems. Apparently the border security in the US were asking questions about all the bins of junk food in the back of the car and were intrigued when they found out it was super food for a fool trying to row the Pacific.

Disaster struck at about 10.30 as a slow puncture was found in one of the cars rear tires. With efficient help from a local garage the car was fixed up in no time and Socks was back on the road.



Last night at 22:50 there were just 2923km left to travel.




A visit to home depot was required as the shrink wrap we applied didn’t fair to well so Socks is now wrapped in a tarp.