Was going to write an Alastair Cooke blog but I’m a bit pushed for time and very tired so I will leave that as a tease and do a short report about today.

The wind calmed over night and I woke up to a flattening sea and becoming calmer. My wets only lasted 45 minutes this morning, woolly hat off after 15 minutes. Despite possibly not needing it, buying it was my most valuable last minute purchase, amazing how a warm head keeps you happy. Stopped for breakfast and set off again.

Despite the lack of wind, I made pretty good progress. Tony had me heading at 200° to avoid this high pressure and he told me to do that for 36 hours. This is really where all my sculling up and down the lake at home pays off. You can doddle along in an ocean towery style and do 2.5 knots or skull, both oars in the water and both legs engaged. It adds at least half a knot. So I skittled along at three knots (I was in a favourable current) and made over 8 NM in both morning sessions. Then received an SMS from Tony saying the weather was not an issues anymore to the SW so I could head 210°/220°, so I did. It was still very calm and with no wind the sun was blazing hot. I struggled on through the afternoon and made another 8+ NM. During the break, a slight wind started to pick up (unfortunately from the NW) and strengthened slightly through the last session. The wind took the edge off the heat and it was quite a nice finish. A bit short of 50 NM but not bad considering the conditions.

So, as some of you will have noticed I cracked 50 NM yesterday, as last. Just need another 115 of those and I will be rocking up to a big Australian barbecue. Still a lot of challenges to get past yet, but it’s one step in the right direction. Day 21 tomorrow so some analysis of where we are will be in order.

In other news: I passed over Rob’s tracker line from last year yesterday apparently. I got there 22 hours ahead of Rob’s time for last year (despite a boat full of food). I would gloat but it’s not a fair comparison really. It’s all down to conditions and to be fair to Rob (think I mentioned this before) out of 7 solo boats that tried last year, he was the only one to get away and make Hawaii. More power to your elbow Rob. It would have been good fun though if we had gone all the way within a day of each other, shame it didn’t work out. Maybe we should pick a new route next year Rob and try again!

Heard Ron Clarke sadly passed away, what a great athlete, a true super star of his time and an inspiration to many distance runners.


That’s it for today, thanks for taking time to follow.



Mike AKA Happy Mike: thanks for checking up on me, keeping safe. Not sure you aren’t confusing focus with desperation!

Patrick: Yes lost a little weight, eating about 4000 calories a day. The only thing I miss is family and friends, the rest of life is just so much noise really.

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