Thought I would start with something positive as it’s been a tough day. It’s been a cloudy day (Good as it keeps the heat down) but light fluffy clouds that look like giant upside down stepping stones, little parches of blue between. It really emphasised the vastness of the sky, it did seem to go on forever. No idea how far visibility was today but it seemed I could see hundreds of miles of clouds in every direction.

Now to my day, I normally try to put a gloss on things but felt I had to just tell it like it is today.

It started late as I fell back to sleep after my alarm. Two things about this. One, I normally never need an alarm, I just seem to be able to get up at whatever time I need, but I have been using one just in case on this trip, little good that did. And two, I hate being late almost more than anything as it drives me mad. I hate other people being late, there is no point setting a time for something and not being ready at that time. I know it may sound strange but it’s just the way I am. So this obviously had me in a strange mood to start with. I was 30 minutes late getting to the oars in the end but my whole schedule was off. The weather was still calm so off I go sculling away. Not long before the weather starts to change and until late this evening it was a mess all day, a bobbly, mogully mess. Virtually impossible to get two blades in at the same time, so no power in the stroke. To make things worse I had moved out of the SW current I had been in which slowed me down even more. Every mile today was hard won that’s for sure.

In a way the break from sculling properly was a nice break, it’s basically doing squats and at a stroke rate of 18/20 a minute that works out to over 14,000 squats in a day. After 3 days enough is enough.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, new week and a clean slate.

I will do a review tomorrow of this week, but compared to the beginning of the week I think it’s been a big step forward.

This following content is from a long time friend, I thought it was a nice way to add to my comments last night, Mike writes:

“What a runner – a bit of a predecessor of Dave Bedford in training methods and attacking and claiming world records a plenty. I well remember racing against Ron at the old White City, and him just dipping me at the finish (it was a handicap 1500m) – he was off scratch and ran 3.42 – I was off about 110m at least it got me on TV. RIP”

That’s it for today.


Mike: I did edit slightly as I’m not sure who’s reading, but a nice story non the less.