I have said it hundreds of times and it will never change, the big mileage days are the easy ones. The ones that really count are the tough days, they are the days that really make the crossing as quick as possible.

Today was much like yesterday. There was some energy in the swell but the water in-between pulled the boat back all day. When I wasn’t being helped by a wave I was having to heave the boat through the water.

At least I was up on time today, even at the oars a few minutes earlier than usual. The sessions were all pretty much the same except for the crazy afternoon one. The heat of the day builds a crazy session every day from about 1pm. If it was only organized it would be great but it’s just crackers. A breaking wave hit square on the back of the boat and broke over the rear cabin roof. If it had helped me along I wouldn’t have minded but at the same time I got side swiped by another wave and then ground to a halt, scuppers wide open and water bubbling down into the ballast tank, no fun at all.

Other news:

Water maker blew a fuse, that’s a bit worrying, I think because we were heaving a lot, the water maker intakes sucked in some air, all seems ok.

Jet boil heater stopped working, got the spare out, to be fair it did cross the Atlantic as well so I suppose it’s done it’s fair share.

The sleeve that supports the button on my starboard oar broke, now fixed.

So I seem to have spent all day fixing things!

Finally, tallied up my weeks mileage for week three, 312.5 miles rowed, a brace of 50s not bad, I would have happily settled for 280 miles at the beginning of the week.

More on strategy tomorrow, I can’t write anymore as the boat is yawning all over the place and driving me crackers.

I’ll do messages tomorrow.