Today was a mirror image of the previous two days really, so not a lot to tell. The swell does seem to be pushing harder west but I’m still heading south west. It turns out that I was rowing into a current going NW though which slowed me down a lot. There are so many forces at play, wind direction, swell direction, previous swell direction, current, your direction. I swear the space time continuum was easier to fathom in Star Trek and unlike Captain Kirk I can’t call on the engine room to fire up the lithium core. There’s an engine room but nobody is ever there.

So it was just another day at the coal face. The day started very overcast and didn’t clear to after lunch. By this evening there was hardly a cloud in the sky and the sunset was a stunner. I guess I will get to see the stars tonight.

My thoughts are turning to the major part of this trip. In about a week or so I guess, Hawaii will be out of reach, so won’t be an option to bail out. However just getting to Hawaii is not a doddle. I think Rob last year became only the ninth solo rower to do so. After I skirt below Hawaii it’s probably a couple of thousand miles before I get a chance to cash in somewhere else and the equator looms large. Unless something goes wrong in the next week, I’m pretty committed to rowing at least 4000 miles. Daunting!

That will have to do for now, new strategy tomorrow and I need to get to bed early.



Comrade: I’ve forgotten everything I knew, no way back me thinks!

Colin: I think we all have achieved great things Colin. I know my real adventure has been at home with Cheryl and the girls, this is a challenge but nothing compared to the last 20 years.

Michael: Nice bike ride sounds good right now, if only I parked my bike.

Joellle: Thanks for the story, I think those guys need a better weather router!

Grumpy: The only gardening I do is with a chain saw and that could be a bit risky out here.