Went to bed last night with a new plan. If the weather wasn’t going to change (and it doesn’t look like it will for a few days), the only thing that could increase my mileage was more effort. So the plan was to get up earlier, row 3.5 hours sessions instead of 3, cut my lunch down to 30 minutes from 45 (sounds a lot but it goes in a flash of chores) and I should get closer or pass 50nm!
I didn’t count on the current slowing my overnight drift down and giving me the worst start I have had in 10 days. It looked like I needed the extra two hours rowing just to get to 40nm for the day. The first two sessions produced 8.9nm each which meant I had to do the same in the afternoon to get to 40nm. I set off on session three and what do you know, the boat felt lighter, sliding through the water, the swell was less crazy and I think I finally slipped out of that NW current. Rowed 10.5nm, I couldn’t believe it. I did just 3 hours for the final session and rowed 9.4nm. So there you go, not often I get excited about doing less than 50 miles a day but this gives me hope, tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

It was a clear night, only a little cloud this morning and once the sun was up, it was very strong. I have been trying to keep a shirt on for two reasons. One, I don’t want to run out of sunscreen and two, it’s difficult to put cream on your own back. It was so hot today, I thought I had no choice. I think I failed with my cloth application method, feels a bit crispy. We’ll see in the morning.

Just Albert and the Petrels today.

Not a lot else to report.

I have to sign this blog off as Captain, as my media team have a special image they want to use.


Captain Beeden