Or a hard day following a night of no sleep. The wind was picking up yesterday evening and got stronger as the night went on. This got behind the swell and the swell beat the hell out of the boat.  Waves hitting the stern and breaking over the aft cabin, hitting the side of the boat and knocking her sideways, the upshot is I was awake all night.  The good news was it pushed us along to a nice starting position and 50nm was on the cards.  Up at 4am, rowing by 4:30am, off I went, much the same as last night.  Had a good session one, session two was going ok and I could just feel a slight drag on the boat, the rest of the day has been very hard.  I made the millage but mentally it’s been draining.  Not to worry, 100nm over two days is a step in the right direction. Tomorrow will be hard again.  I guess the weather looks set for a few days, might be better if I get some sleep.
The iPod is officially not fixable, looks like I synced it without updating the software, what an idiot. The biggest disappointment is I had 1200 Alastair Cooke , Letter from America’s.   I’ve had them for ages and resisted listening to them, saving them for now, what a bummer. I need some brain teasers or something.
Got this after my post the other day:
“10th is not good enough! Listen John being the 10th solo rower to reach the location of Elvis’ greatest film triumph, is not good enough, you never accepted that position as an athlete, although having said that it would probably look better if you gave me some reference times to compare against the others – you could even be 1st in speed times.”
Couple of questions: am I still not an athlete? Is this endeavour not physical enough?
With reference to times I’m not sure other than Rob rowed 53 days last year to get there, it’s 1350 miles from where I am now, that’s 27 days and I am on day 25, it would be close!
Wildlife: Albert was about again today as was a pair of Shearwaters.
Last item: It was Libby’s birthday yesterday, happy birthday Libby, one more year and you will be off to take on the world.