Well, things were calming down and I had a tiny drift in the night. I was out on deck at 1am fiddling with the steering, trying to encourage a little faster but no luck. Not a breath of wind nearly all day.   Even though it was overcast that didn’t help much,  the only thing that keeps you cool is the breeze.  There was none, so it was stifling and when the sun did poke through it was like it was trying to flay you with a red hot fire iron.  I set my minimum acceptable day at 40nm.  I worked hard all day with heavy water and no help from anywhere.  I had to row 10 minutes past finishing time to just get 40nm for the day, 12 hours 55 minutes, a killer of a day!
There is a little wind now but it is supposed to increase Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Should be 15/18 knots.   That’s 50’s weather which could give me a good start to the week. I would really like to get 4 or 5 good days in a row as there are some interesting milestones coming up in the next week or so and I’m keen to get a move on.
In other news:
Apparently I am now south of Tony’s other charges, the Coxless Crew, they left San Francisco 6 weeks before me but had to make a pitstop in Santa Barbra.  They headed out 12 days or so (I think) before I left San Francisco. They are heading to Honolulu, where there will be a small crew change and resupply. While this is not a race, it will be interesting to see if I can get west of them when they stop. Just gives me something to think about. To be fair, as there are 4 of them they should wipe the floor with me, let’s see!
Also forgot to mention the other day that I have gone into the garment redesign business. After I burned my back earlier in the week, I needed a way to keep cool but keep the sun off my back. I now have a frontless t-shirt.  I cut the front out of a shirt so the wind could get in and around me but my back was well protected. Can’t say it would win any fashion awards (maybe it would), but it worked a treat . Back is now much better and I developed a new applicator for sun creaming my back.
Had a bit of a panic today.  One of the wheels on my rolling seat was grating. I was loathed to take it apart as Jamie does a brilliant job fitting the seat. It rolls so freely in the channel but there isn’t a mm of slack.  Any how, a little WD40 seemed to do the trick.   We’ll wait and see (I do have spares and a complete spare seat if needs be).
Last thing, I saw a Bermuda Long Tail today.  Saw him the other day but couldn’t see his tail. I thought they were just an Atlantic bird but obviously not. I think Bermuda claimed it as they needed something to put on all their tourist tat.
That’s it for now.
Patrick: can’t send pic’s unfortunately, it’s an old fashioned very slow connection, just about copes with plain text emails.
Marilyn: Develop an exit strategy?
Editors Note:  Apologies for the delay in posting this blog, while John is on an extended holiday, some of us have to work!