Firstly apologies.  Friday’s blog ran into technical trouble and with the media team all out on a paid job it took until this morning to work out it had gone astray and all day to send it.  I suspect it will be out of order.   The trials of old technology.  Pretty amazing though, that you can communicate from a tiny rowing boat in any form.

Then to today. With the prospect of a bit more wind I went to bed last night looking forward to leaving the slow hard days behind, oh how wrong I was. I was up in the night as the wind had died down, but also it shifted slightly, so I adjusted the steering to try and improve our drift angle. I knew at 4am when the alarm went off that a tough day lay ahead as the drift was not that great.  Off I go.  Not much sign of any wind in the first 3.5 hours, just a tough grind.  Stopped for breakfast, yes, porridge with strawberries and golden syrup.  Set off again.  There was a bit more wind now and I thought things were looking good.   Two ours in and it was like I hit a brick wall.  I was heaving on the oars and hardly moving. The rest of that session and most of the next were horrendously hard, as hard as any of the early days. Ever since then my body has ached.  It would have been less painful to be hung by my big toes from the mizzen (apart from I don’t have a mizzen). Brutal is the only way to describe it.  If it’s going to be like that for the next 100 days or so, come get me now. Things eased a bit in the last session, but yet again, I just scraped into the 40s.  Not only will I run out of moral fortitude at this rate I will run out of porridge and strawberries, then I will quit.

So, I’m a bit disappointed, very tired and quite sore. Hoping the 15-18 knot wind forecast for tomorrow turns up and I can get going.

Four weeks in, the important stuff:

  • Still on my second loo roll which is good.
  • Still on my second gas canister, also good.
  • Boat in good shape, had a few things need attention but nothing serious. I’m doing ok physically, my only worry is my arthritis, my wrists and elbows are suffering a bit but with pressure like today I think they would anyway, I just have to monitor things.
  • Mentally I have (as I am sure you can tell from the blog) good days and bad days, more good though on balance.
  • Missing the iPod, it would just have helped get through the latter sessions of the day, no good crying over spoiled milk I guess.
  • I’m 928nm from San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  Not as far as I would like, but too far to go back.
  • Life on board is pretty ok, cramped and wobbly but ok.

That will have to do for now as I need some sleep.



Marilyn: my blog goes to Cheryl by email, I have an iridium sat phone, they can just about handle plain text emails, nothing else, the girls at home edit if needs be and post it to the site. It’s difficult writing out here as the boat bounces all over so they make sure it makes sense. And yes, you have to be prepared, if you don’t have it you can’t pop down the shops, the iPods a good example, two minutes to fix at home impossible to do so out here.  My bad for not checking it was ok before leaving.

Mike T (AKA Mr Happy): good to hear from you Mike.  None of its insignificant, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry.  When this is over it will be back to the mundane again for me too, to be honest there is a lot to be said for it.

Grumpy: I will work on the list tomorrow.