I won’t go into depth about today other than to say it was a continuation of yesterday and I can’t think of any more ways to explain how tough it’s been.

Briefly, I got up and to the oars and I new instantly nothing had changed. During my first break I got my weather info from Tony. He said, NW current (actually WNW, but I think he was just trying to soften the blow) from 133° 40 to 134° 40 degrees. 133° was where I hit trouble yesterday. This morning I was just approaching 133° 40, meaning over 50 miles of contra current. I think the model was a bit out but at least it explained my problem. I struggled on all day until the very end of the day, actually the last 7 minutes of my 13 hours at the oars, when all of a sudden the boat started moving normally again. Fingers crossed I am free and clear (as I’m still 20nm from 134° 40). The only salvation is when I did my log. The last session actually produced ok mileage, so it must have been getting easier as the 3 hours passed and my last mile was the quickest of the day.

I’m sure it was a high 50s even 60nm day, so I say again I was robbed. If the wind holds up tomorrow, there could be a little redemption but the forecast predicts winds will ease again after that. I’m just desperate to get this trip going, it’s not for the lack of effort is all I can say.

Thought this was interesting, Brian sent it, it’s my 5 day distance made good progress:

first 5 – 34.5nm
second 5 – 92.1
third 5 – 107.8
fourth 5 – 175.7
fifth 5 – 219.4

Thanks Brian (Brian ran Comrades marathon last year, incredible!)

Wildlife: had two fling fish fry land on the boat, actually one landed on my leg, think I saved them both.

Nothing else for today, need to get some shut eye.



Carlo: my girls go to school next door (one just graduated), glad I’m helping accounting class.

Brian: darker moments abound, thanks for the encouragement comrade.

Mike: I’m working on the list, will have it for tomorrow