How much would you like to wager? Yesterday’s NE current was a mileage killer. Got up this morning, hardly any drift, started rowing. By breakfast (3.5 hours at the oars) I had less than 10 miles on the clock. Email at breakfast from mission control, current now NNW 0.8 knots. Worse than being sat on the M6 while they resurface 3.5 miles because of a lorry fire (happened to Grumpy Mike at the weekend). Tony suggested heading due west as this was the quickest way out of the current. So that’s what I have been doing all day. No faster at 270° and I have 18nm still to go to the point he thinks the current changes. It’s a weird carry on when the current is so strong against the other conditions and the swell is gloopy. The wind was perfect today, all it could do though was hold the boat against the current. The boat also judders as you, the wind and swell force it one way and the current try’s to rip it another.

It’s hard finding the positives in that. I was hoping to be able to say I have rowed 2000nm. I only had to cover 30nm, I’m 3 short! I did cope with the heat better, I’ve gone back to my 2 minute breaks each hour, I have to get off the seat, get the blood to my bum and snack and drink. That’s why I do at least one 3.5 hour session a day, to cover those breaks and still have rowed 12+ hours. I’ve been so desperate for miles though I haven’t been stopping, just bashing on regardless. If I’m going to do a hundred more days and it’s going to get hotter I need to stick to what works. So unless I hit miracle weather, looks like the three week 1000 is out the window. 4000nm to go is just a week away if I can get back to business as usual.

Dorado were out in force this morning. Too many to count but as far as my torch shone there were fish in every direction. Over 100 at least. Obviously boat speed has nothing to do with it, maybe they like the blue anti foul paint on the bottom of the boat or they think I’m the Mother of all Dorado.

Not much else to report.

So to bed and do it all again tomorrow.


Mike: might start thinking about some media at half way, don’t want to count any chickens.

Natasha: good to hear from you, oh how I’m glad the girls have grown up, it’s good fun but hard work.

Jeff: how right, there’s another similar quote on my website from the first man to row the Atlantic solo, John Fairfax ” we don’t explore the mountains and oceans because they are there but because we are here”