My first 3.5 hours at the oars were hard work. Just like yesterday, the current was making life difficult. I finished just 3nm short of where Tony said the current would change. In the last couple of miles things eased. I did a 34 minute mile and then a 31 minute mile. Terrible times but better than 38/9 minutes for sure. Made breakfast and got back to my position, 29 minutes, 27 minutes 26 minutes, that will do fine. I’ve now reached the coordinates so dropped mission control a note just in case anything changed and carried on at 270 for a while, didn’t hear back (think his head has been turned by the Coxless Crew) so dropped a bit lower. Heard from Tony a bit later and all was ok so I’ve been rowing at 230° the rest of the day.

Amazing thing is, I made 2.5. Knots the rest of the morning and all afternoon. Normally I’d be looking for more but it felt like the miles were flying by. I had about 18nm on the clock by then, 7 hours later I have 42.5nm. Again a modest posting but considering where the day started and the last two days, I’ll take it. There was wind but it wasn’t strong, it was just the removal of that cursed current.

The wind tomorrow is forecast light but then there is some. It wasn’t that strong today so we will see what I can do. Extremely hot again today, to hot to even put your head in the cabin. I also have a bucket of water on deck all the time so I don’t burn my feet when I get up from my seat.

In other news:

I have actually now rowed 2050.3nm (added it up wrong last night must have been tired).

I have made good 1689nm so 361 extra miles. I estimated 500nm for the entire trip so I may be a bit off, having said that, they will drop away quickly now and soon all miles will be good.

Georgie has done a nice report on sharks for me, I need to decide if I swim on the equator or not. I may post the report separately with a few comments.

My sheepskin seat broke today (I have more) I had worn through it with my bottom cheek bones. It had been with me all the way across the Atlantic as well so I guess 4500nm is not bad.

Dorado heard getting bigger every day, about half an hour ago a few were jumping out by the boat, I presume fishing.

Getting a bit too used to the star scape, sunrise and sunset, all three are always spectacular, I need to pay attention, things are starting to move along and I won’t be coming back this way any day soon.

My big boy oars seem ok. I’m still getting used to them, the feel is quite different, a couple of times I’ve thought a current is pulling on the boat but I look down and I’ve increased boat speed from 2.5 to 3.5 knots just by a couple of big pulls. It’s just the extra resistance that I’m feeling but they are powerful. I just need to be careful I’m not over geared and end up injured. Can’t wait to use them in a good wind and swell.

That’s it for now.

Sleep and do it all again.



Notes: Brian: brilliant news, she’s an inspiration, only problem is I forgot my shagpile!

Geoff: good to hear from you, look after the old man, don’t want him falling off stage on his last gig.

Sandy: flying would have been so much easier, it’s true, but when have you ever known me take the easy option!

Jean-Guy: I wasn’t blessed with much patience unfortunately, I thought I was out here to kick some Pacific ****. I do know what you are saying though.