Another day of two halves. Set off this morning, current still with us so that’s good, wind was light but from the ENE so that’s good. Made 2.5 knots, so not thrilled but satisfied. Had a big squall while it was still dark, a bit chilly but I stuck it out to get the extra speed from the accompanying wind. Sun comes up and is hot straight way. Hot sun / light wind, the worst kind of torture. Struggle through to lunch, still moving ok and 50 looked possible. After lunch

wind still light and even some no wind situations. 2 hours in and I see the wind heading across the water from the east, strong consistent wind. I didn’t care about speed, it actually slowed me down for a while because the swell got messy, what I loved was the cooling effect. It’s like flicking a switch, one minute your dripping, the next cool as a cucumber. The wind is still with us now, the swell has grown, unfortunately most of it going west. I’ve made course over ground of 226° (mission control will be happy) over the last 24 hours. I’m west of 151° and should get south of 15° tomorrow. I’ve covered 56nm today, so close to my best day. While it was hard work, it was nice to have most things going my way. Wind is forecast a bit stronger tomorrow, so will be interesting to see what happens.

In other news:

The media team are carrying my load this week, doing work I should be doing, thanks everyone, especially Cheryl, without who’s help I wouldn’t be hear.

The chomped on Dorado was back today so he made it through another day.

The Dorado were about this morning but reluctant to swim by the boat, not sure why, although quite a few of them must have sore heads, I clunked quite a lot in the last few days. Strange, the last couple of days nearly no flying fish on deck in the morning, just a couple of fry. I’m happy because it means I’m not cleaning fish scales off me and the boat all the time.

I need to move my day forward which is a bit frustrating, I enjoy rowing in the dark but the sun is getting higher everyday at finishing time and it’s too hot in the cabin. I need to row until the sun is going down.

Friday today, had a shave, feels great.

Two more days and I could be 2000nm to the good.

There’s a slim chance if tomorrow is really good I could still do the 1000 in three weeks, let’s see.

That’s it for today, bring on the big stuff!




Mike: No I’m John Beeden! Don’t go spending it all at once.

Comrade: How come we never get in there?

Jean: I’m not sure I’m in that kind of league Jean.