Been a strange day today. I pushed things back half an hour to 5:30am California time, felt like I was skiving some how. Anyway, got going, wind was still good, speed still 2.5 knots, stopped for breakfast got going again. The only issue with the wind is it was a bit east, maybe even a little SE so it wouldn’t let me get under 225° to get the west I had drifted overnight. I plugged away, got to lunch and fifty looked in the bag and there was a slim chance of a high total. Came back out, after an hour the wind just seem to loose it’s edge, couldn’t work out whether to blow from E, ENE or NE this lead to it lightening for a while. I kept plugging away but couldn’t quite maintain 2.5 knots.

Ended up with 57.1 which I think is my best to date. Shame it went off in the afternoon as it doesn’t bode well for tomorrow. Although the forecast is 15-18 knots so it should be the same. We’ll see I guess.

Right, a lot of people want to know how you keep your mind occupied while rowing. Well most of the time I’m obsessed with speed, direction, time etc. I’m constantly calculating whether I’m maintaining my speed, it’s falling off or if I need to work harder. But when everything is ticking along ok, your mind is free to wander. I think of some of the messages I’ve had, what to write in the blog and this triggers other memories. One such occurred today, with all the talk of racing busses, milk floats, ginger nut challenges and the like I was thinking of races that really aren’t and it reminded me of one of my first interchanges with Cheryl and that got me thinking about all sorts of things. At the risk of getting into trouble, this is the story. It was before our first date and we both worked in Bermuda. There was a race there where both men and women started and finished in the same place, the first and last miles were the same but the men’s race was 5 miles and the women’s was 3 miles. They were supposed to be separate races but obviously the men wanted to beat as many women as possible and the women wanted to get back before any men. I set off and was running well, coming into the last mile I could only see three women ahead. Cheryl I seem to remember was 3rd on the day. As I passed her she shouted, “ I could kill you”, my reply was “only if you could catch me”. It’s about as witty as I’ve ever been. I guess in the end she did catch me, but that one thought brought on a whole afternoon of memories, first dates, helping Cheryl get ready for her amazing marathon debut in New York, Christmas dinners and much more. Your mind is free from distraction and wanders at will, something that rarely happens at home.

Enough rambling for now.

I need sleep.


Grumpy Mike: might need mine in a doggy bag.

MikeT: You’ve got to love a good storm Mike. Say hello to everyone from another Ocean.

Editors Note: When we finish doing all of Johns work, we will find a picture of John and Cheryl from Bermuda.