Been a strange day which started last night with a text from Tony stating to change course over ground to 250° to avoid large area with no wind.  Easy enough (though a little worrying).  Also aside WNW current, oh no, the north current is back.  Moving up to 250° should ease the drag a bit and maybe I did feel the change at the end of yesterday. Got up this morning, not drifted off course so that’s good.  Got going and it was ok.  The wind was a bit hit and miss but I managed 2.5 knots (just), second session, pretty much the same although a bit slower and the wind couldn’t make up its mind which way to blow.  It may have been the two big squalls that passed through, one in the dark and one after breakfast.   Only had 15 minutes for lunch as I was struggling to see how to get to 50nm.  In that 15 minutes the wind picked up and drove the swell bigger and bigger all afternoon.   I did 10.5nm in 3 hours after lunch, it eased a bit in the end but I got another 56nm on the score card. I’m cracking them in because not long now and it will get really tough.

So, I had to visit the poop deck twice today (which is unusual), the official meaning of poop deck is pretty much as it sounds, here’s the official definition:

“The term ‘poop deck’ refers to the partial deck above the ship’s main afterdeck at the stern of the ship. In the days before indoor plumbing, a structure was rigged aft of this deck over the sea for the purpose of relieving oneself. When a ship takes a wave over the stern of a ship it is said to be ‘pooped'”

My poop deck is blue and from Home Depot (B&Q), it is partially filled with sea water and placed on the main deck, I then hold the two deck hand rails, lower into position and do what has to be done. Now the boat is always thrashing about and it is critical the contents go over the side, so deciding when to release bum pressure is critical. Unfortunately if a wave comes over the side (like today) I have to cling on to the hand rails, keep in position and take the dunking. Whoever thought something so simple at home could be so difficult!

So, week 8 is over and my 1000nm rowed in three weeks is over, how did I do?
Rowed this week 326.4nm, a minor miracle after the start to the week!

997.8nm over the three weeks, just 2.2nm short.   With the ups and downs of the three weeks I’ll take it, roll back the clock and start again tomorrow.

2nm more and I have made 2000nm to the good and that is a milestone. 100nm more and I’m under 4000nm to go, the next big step is half way!

My average for daily miles made good (excluding the first 7 days) is now 40.81nm, that’s gone up a mile a week, so looking good as well.

In other news: No Dorado this morning, don’t know why, maybe water temp, food not about, who knows, it was fun to have them tag along for a while. It’s getting even hotter, I can’t get near the cabin in the afternoons, it’s still too hot now and the sun has gone down, not sure how I’ll cope at the equator.That’s it for now.


Grumpy Mike:  You could well have just earned a demerit from the new boss!

Patrick: Enjoy London, yes I did know, apparently they are also referred to as shark islands.