At last the Pacific gives up the goods.

Patrick: does 66nm answer your question from last week.

Brian: 66 not out!

So I won’t do a session by session as they were all the same. I creamed it today! Had an inkling last night it could be good and it was. Hard work but not as bad as a 25 mile day across a NW current. The boat was great, the big oars were great and even though the engine is 3.5 years older than its last outing, it still has some go in it.

So, I’m now under 4000nm to go, 3957 actually. This week is back on schedule and the next few days look ok. Let’s see where we get too. Today is day 59, which means tomorrow is only 40 days to a 100 days at sea. By then, surely I will have a good idea of if I’m going to get there. It doesn’t seem that long really. Everyday done is one day closer, however long it takes.

Next big milestone though is half way, can I be there in 20 days? Strangely that’s also approximately the spot Tony identified in his report where I start heading through the ITCZ.

In other news:

Libby sent me a great F1 report, she’s done one for each race I’ve missed. The British one was outstanding. Libby and I watch F1 together at home, she has a really good technical head for it. Thanks Libby, sounds like a cracker of a race.

Flying Fish: I thought we had passed through the best flying fish grounds, I’ve only had a few fry on deck the last couple of days. Then today, I saw a dozen or so adults flying off in formation. Then I saw fifty or so, then 100s, it’s a spectacular sight, they fly like crazy, look a bit like attack helicopters.

Coxless Crew left Honolulu last night heading for Samoa. They have a lot of south to make and not much west to play with. After a week on the beach and with a new crew member it should be a doddle though. Good luck ladies.

Gonna leave it there today, have some chores to do and then dream of a pair of 60s (don’t hold your breath it could all be different tomorrow).




Rod: it just said buckets on my shopping list, the colour never crossed my mind, your right, should have been red!

Helena: would not describe myself ever as superhuman, just a stubborn Yorkshire man.