But then sometimes it is. I wasn’t looking forward to today after yesterday’s tussle with the east wind, however if I didn’t get up and row I’m never going to get there. There was a bit of ENE forecast today. I had a new strategy as well, if I wasn’t making more South miles than west I would slow up until things changed.

Overnight, drifted 7nm north of my course.

Session one, wind from east, tight to swell (as tight as you can get in the dark) trying to get a bit of the drift back, made some but not enough, not getting more south than west so eased off.

Session two, 45 minutes in and the wind slipped a bit north, this 10° let me ease off the swell and I started getting ground back. Pretty soon I was getting more south than west so picked up the pace, went through 10° north.

Session three, carried on where I’d left off. Towards the end, the wind was dropping back east, this was in the forecast and I was still doing ok.

Session four, it’s been a cloudy day which is great because it keeps the sun away, but you just know all that moisture and heat has to do something. Well it developed into a couple of very big squalls. They blew through early in the session and after they passed the wind was sucked South. I was now loosing south and struggling with the swell again.

I brought a poor starting COG down from 256° to 233°, was heading to 225° but that last session killed me. It is what it is, but tomorrow looks tougher.

So it was good for a while and then turned on me! I need another 3° south before I enter the ITCZ proper. I need to get there under 220° but I can’t row into a headwind and swell. Hoping I get some help from somewhere.

I was going to write earlier this week that I think I’m heading for my biggest challenge ever, however I think I’m already in my biggest challenge ever, just getting there.

In other news:

Passed under the Coxless Crew a couple of days ago so the they are officially chasing me now.

As I was finishing up last night I heard my AIS arial twang, that big bird was trying to land on the boat again! Mad thing.

Pomicide: got to love that, I need some cricket whites to get off the boat in, will ask if anyone fancies a game!

I’ve got to dash, had some work to do and short on time.