I know I’ve mentioned this before but I find it amazing that even in calm conditions I can sense a shift in direction while sleeping. I’ve been up about an hour, it’s 12:30 GMT probably 2:30 local. Socks had started going NE again, the conditions are light so the PA sank again and put us across the light but SW wind which was pushing us NE. Anyway that’s fixed now and it looks like I might get some exercise today.

There’s a tropical revolving storm about 4° above me, that’s steeling all the WNW / NW wind that was forecast, a bad thing but it does mean the swell has died down. I do need help to get across the equatorial counter current and that won’t be about until the 24th and because of this storm the wind will now go through south before it gets to where it can help me. However I should be able to make some progress south without getting into the stronger east moving current. Just having breakfast and then setting up for rowing, don’t care if I don’t get far just be nice to be occupied.

I’ll report later.

17:00 GMT

Rowed 7.5nm with 5 to the south, good steady progress, there’s no rush as the wind is going south so it’s just positioning really. Sun just come up, time for breakfast and sun cream. I’m trying scrambles eggs, potatoes and red pepper, didn’t like it that much last time but I have some HP sauce to try and help it, we’ll see.

05:00 GMT

Well I rowed all day, tough going, into the swell and into a headwind. The wind was light for most of the day but still tough. Had a couple of squalls to deal with and the afternoon wind picked up for a couple of hours and got the better of me. However the aim was to row between 120° and 150°. Most of the time at the oars I was making 140°, over the day including drifts for breaks and squalls I made 225°, so I’m happy. We are 28nm further east but we would have been that anyway, we are now under 7° north and 14 miles further south than this morning. Now the problems really start though. The weather over the next few days is coming from the south, the forecast looks like this:

Now- WSW 9-6 knots it’s quite calm and we are not drifting far.
09:00 – SW 6-9 knots
12:00 – SW 9-12 knots
15:00 – SSW 12-15 knots (this is my early morning)
21:00 – S 12-15 knots

That’s just tomorrow, the 12 to 15 knots from the south is a big problem. My para anchor has been acting up, we think it’s because the current has been at 90° to the swell and wind, hope it works for the south. I’m half tempted to row for the next 6 hours but I don’t think it will make any difference.

The east wind we are waiting for arrives on the 24th. The only problem is, it is forecast very light, not really that much help, maybe it will change.

We will see tomorrow,

In other news:

Only one today but it’s a biggie. I had a wildlife encounter this evening, about a mile and a half before I finished I noticed something biggish swimming by the boat. You guessed, it was sharks. I saw three, two smaller and one about 5/6 feet. I think from the information Georgie sent me they were nurse sharks. Makes sense really, we’re not that far from the reef and that’s perfect habitat for them. Thought they were checking out the boat (which they were) but then I saw a school of quite large fish. The Sharks were milling in and out of the fish, I guess waiting for one to wobble. Not sure what the fish were as the water was too ripply. Hopefully I got some great images.

That’s it for now, it’s Friday and I have chores to do.




Peter: Glad you got home safe, I’ll try and avoid the first week but I’m coming in if I’m close, I’ve seen all the water I can handle.

Brian: I think we need to send you to feminine school! Love the jokes though.

Colin: Hope the injury heals, fingers crossed, your right of course, wait about so you can wait some more!

Grumpy Mike: Where do I start, well done Mo, PR not releasing blood data is outrageous, all the shouting over the years, just do it and get on with your life. If I’m on the same wavelength as TGT I give up. And finally, his nest is well feathered already, he also has the keys to the exec elevator so no greasy pole needed.

Mike G: Love the parrot joke, does MT know you sent it? Great to hear from you.

Amanda: Good to hear from you, thanks for the support, I’m doing my best to get there.

Steve: I love it when the kids find their own solutions when things don’t go their way, it shows we’ve done an ok job as parents. Tell Olivia she’ll be fine and you only appreciate things you work really hard for, I can definitely attest to that.