17:30 GMT (Sunday)

Well it was a calm but stormy night if that makes sense, not a lot of gyrating but lots of heavy down pours. First light, a couple of hours ago, I went out on deck to see if rowing was possible and discovered a heavy dark sky in all directions. Since then, we’ve had 4/5 heavy spells of torrential rain. Wind is coming from the south and the swell, although not too big is heading NE, no chance of rowing for a while.

The forecast as expected has slowed down any potential southerly rowing until tomorrow at 15:00 and even then it’s a slim chance. The wind is suppose to be SE by then, which may let me make 240°. That’s close to head on into the current, once it gets to east I should be ok, but that’s nine hours later in the forecast. On the 26th the wind goes NE and then north, perfect but both are less than 6 knots, this could really mean wind from any direction.

I just need to sit out the next few hours and see what develops.

The frustration is building and I’m not sure what I can do about it. I feel like I have lost all the momentum I built, not just in daily progress but also routine and the mental attitude to fight for every inch. I’m sure I will get it back but the rest has not been good for me in the least. I would much sooner have pushed on hard for the entire crossing, that way you don’t have choices and you don’t fret about small things, it’s just about getting there. This week has been a true test, if I was at home, lazing about would be ok, but my job here is to get to Australia, I’m not doing that sat on my backside waiting on the unpredictable weather.

19:30 GMT

Well things have eased a bit, the wind is light, most of the squalls seem to have gone (I’m sure they will be back this afternoon) and the swell is confused. Unfortunately the swell and wind look just a bit too tough to make any headway, both in direction and strength. There may be a chance in the next couple of hours hopefully. Don’t want to pull the PA in then fail to get anywhere, or pull in the PA and loose ground north so I will wait for a short while.

After 100s of attempts an Albert has eventually landed on the boat, he’s been there about 30 minutes so far, perched right on the bow. He’s having a good old preen and doesn’t care a jot that I’m here. His two travelling companions have tried and failed as he’s got the prime spot. Pretty cool (and strange) looking bird though with his purple/pink beak and his orange feet. He’s also got good sea legs as the boat rocks back and forth doesn’t seem an issue.

00:30 GMT

More frustration I’m afraid. Things calmed down late morning so I hauled the anchor in and started to row. I was actually making good south and a little west, nearly heading for Australia. 45 minutes in and the wind started to pick up. Within 10 minutes it was unrowable. Anchor out, I’ve been ticking north since then, only slowly but enough to drive me crazy. At least it proves I can row in the right direction even with the SE conditions (if they are light) gives me hope for tomorrow. Only good news is the SE wind has slowed our progress east. We will only loose 20/22nm today as opposed to 30 plus we lost over the last few days, so loosing a mile north shouldn’t worry me too much. Things are easing a bit now but I think I should resist the temptation and save my energy for the morning and try and do a full day and make at least 20 miles south across this current. I need to get to 3° north to be across the strongest element, would be good to do that in the week, then another week in mixed current and then it should be more predictable.

I should really do a review of the week but I think it’s best just left, if I over analyse it I will loose the will to live. Maybe December would be a good time to do it!

So I’m going to leave it there for now.

Not sure when I’ll do the blog tomorrow so if it’s a bit late don’t give the team a hard time.




Mike: Go Mo, he’s on for the treble double (right), good he beat the East Africans, they’re all mixed up in this mess too. I here from Comrade Jessica Enis-Hill won too, go team GB.

Brian: Agreed on the bolt point, I see you snuck one in right at the end, still laughing.

Josh: Hope all is well, happy to help and I’m sure Cheryl is too.

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