05:00 GMT (Monday)

Well I’m just about to turn in, really hoping tomorrow turns out as forecast as the wind today never really got past south, either that or it’s so light I can row into it. The mile south I rowed today has just disappeared, it did take 7 hours to disappear and it would have been another mile had I not rowed that. I suspect I will be at least a mile north by the time I get up, good news is we did only loose 21 miles east instead of thirty plus, so in a way the south wind stole 1 possibly 2 southerly miles but saved me 9 easterly.

Anyway I will Row tomorrow, hopefully late and 23/30 miles south.

05:00 GMT (Tuesday)

Well what a night / day. I’m going to have to keep this short because I’m exhausted. I woke up after a couple of hours sleep, 08:30, the weather forecast had arrived but more worryingly I was drifting NE fast. The para anchor was having no effect and I was off to Hawaii. Not a lot you can do really, accept the loss or row. I went out on deck to check the PA ropes, the water was calm, virtually no wind, just the current doing it’s evil thing. I decided to row, sleep or no sleep I wasn’t starting the first rowing day for 10 days 10 miles north. So I rowed. I’ve just finished and I rowed 15.5 hours. The morning 6 hours were hard going but I made progress, they were made palatable by an incredible sky full of stars, a 3/4 moon shimmering on the sea surface up to the boat and luminescent algae that shone red, blue or green every time my oars hit the water. Then there was the sunrise, a burnt orange sky, incredible, but the reflected light in the west was more so, everything was lit up pink, a truly stunning morning. When I stopped for breakfast I slipped a mile east. Every time I stopped I was dragged east, however I made due south most of the day and even got back the west I’d lost. I’m drifting SSE at the moment so that’s good enough for me.

The only problem is that the little wind there was this morning dropped at noon and it’s been the hottest day I have ever known. Incredibly hot, so hot you couldn’t touch anything on the boat.

I’m happy to be back rowing though and although it’s not a massive total it is progress. The ECC is going to prove a real challenge as I have 200 plus miles of fast moving current to cross.


Had 100s if not 1000s of fish feeding round the boat tonight, just breaking the surface, no idea what they were but it was like the water was boiling.

The Albertross have been using me as target practice all day, they are desperate to get on deck.

That’s it for now, will be up early to see what tomorrow brings.



Editor’s Note – John will respond to messages tomorrow.