I’m all finished for the day and the boat is adrift. I’m trying to drift south and a little west, that’s going ok. The current is strong, there is a swell and light breeze from the north and they are fighting with the current. The boat gets pushed forward by the swell and wind and the current tries to reach the boat east. It’s just like being on para anchor but not as windy, the boats gyrating like mad.

Not been a bad day today and I rowed a little less, 14 hours (well 10 minutes short anyway). Just did 3.5 hours in the dark and it was properly dark with a very cloudy sky. So when the sun came up it was hidden behind wavy clouds until about noon. This created incredible humidity with little to no breeze making it tough to cope. The sun came out and tried to flay me alive. Unbelievable intensity. I struggled through and kept a good pace all day. The rowing was pretty standard stuff and I got a nice cooling northerly breeze for the last 2 hours. That’s what’s helping me nicely SSW, hope it holds. Strange day. Forecast tomorrow some real wind from 12:00 GMT , NNW 6-9 for 6 hours, as long as it stays NNW and doesn’t drop west it will help, the rest is all very light.

I went under 6° north today and took a good bite out off 5°. With a little luck, I could pass under 5° Tomorrow. Three or four more days and I could be through the strongest part of the current, fingers crossed.

That’s it for rowing, I really am tired tonight so need to get a move on.


I saw the feeding fish again this morning, just not close enough to identify.

I have a few small fish living under the boat, two Sargent Majors, they dash out every now and again then dash back.

I also had an Albertross roost on the back hatch. He had his head tucked under his wing when I went out this morning. He was none to pleased when I started rowing and woke him up. He hopped around a bit then went back to sleep and didn’t leave until I stopped for breakfast.

A friend sent some Albertross jokes, I’ve pasted them below.

That’s it for now, sorry it’s short.




Mike: I agree, frustration and worrying are what make me focus, strange I guess but true.

Colin: Thanks for the support and checking in, sorry if some of the blog is a bit salty sea dog, I write it for a number of reasons but one of the main ones is a daily record for me. As your cousin pointed out, as we get old we forget a lot of things and I must confess the days are all merging at the moment.

Steve: Yes there is a current running west, it will help but not take me to Cairns. It will be a bit like the trip down so far, fighting for every mile.

Marylin: I forgot a couple of your questions. The peaches are tinned, or tubbed, they are the closest thing to fresh I have on the boat. I don’t have champagne, a number of reasons, weight, don’t want glass on the boat and unfortunately I can’t drink because of some of my arthritis medication, about 6/7 years since I had a tipple.

Brian: Didn’t realise they were all porkers, that’s why they lost the ashes!

Marie: You just have to be disciplined Marie, if I get sick there is no one to help. I’m probably drinking 7/8 litres a day at the moment. Can’t wait to get back to Blackstone and only row 12 miles a days.

Patrick: This is a rowing boat, a canopy is a sail. I’d rather drown in my own sweat than be accused of sailing! Thanks for the messages, doesn’t matter what you say it’s always good to hear from you.
Number 1. An albatross walks into a drug store and buys a chapstick. The clerk says, “Will that be cash or charge?” The albatross says, “Just put it on my bill!”

Number 2. Two old men went out on a fishing trip with a wise old skipper. Shortly after leaving the dock, an albatross flew over their craft and decided to let its intestinal contents free. The excrement landed on the bald head of one of the fishermen. The other old man exclaimed “Don’t get upset. Stay right here and I’ll go fetch some toilet paper”. The skipper replied, “No need for that. By the time you return the bird will have flown away”.

Number 3. An old sea captain with a wooden leg, a hook for a hand and a black patch over one eye is telling a kid how he got his injuries: “It was a big sea battle, lad. A cannonball flew across the deck and took off me leg. Later a doctor friend fixed me up with this wooden one.” “How did you lose your hand?” asks the kid. “The same battle, lad. The pirates, they boarded me ship and their captain, he whacked off me hand with his cutlass. Later, the doctor friend gave me this hook.” The kid says. “I guess you lost your eye in the same battle.” “No”. says the captain. “I was looking up one day, and an albatross crapped right in me eye.” “Gee” says the kid “You mean the albatross crap blinded you?.” “No” the captain replies, “First day with me new hook.”

Number 4. Two albatrosses are sitting on the edge of John’s boat, when a jet-fighter doing training manoeuvres roars overhead. First albatross says wistfully “Man, I sure wish I could fly that fast!” Second albatross remarks “If you had two bums, and both of them were on fire, you could!”