Triple, double world champ and double Olympic champ, a repeat in Rio and he’s got to be one of the modern championship greats. “Get in there my son”.

Well it’s now 01:00 GMT (Sunday) still 5 hours of daylight here but I’ve quit for the day.

Here’s what’s happened since I left you last night.

06:40 received weather. No good news contained.

Laid awake worrying about getting out of here so decided to get up and row.

08:00 rowed for two hours, made 1nm south

10:30 got my head down for a while.

14:30 rowed two hours, made 2.5nm south and got under 5 degrees north.

18:30 had breakfast and a rest. Had to take 90 minutes as the wind had moved to the south at the end of the last row.

20:00 set off after wind moved a bit higher, intended to row 3 hours, ok up to two, then the wind stated blowing 10/15 knots and moved south, made 2 tenth’s in the last 30 minutes so just rowed 2.5 hours.

I’ve been waiting ever since for the wind to ease and move away from south again, doesn’t look like it’s going to do that so I’ve cleaned up for the day. Couple of points, when the wind picked up to 10/15 knots it was forecast to. One from the SE/ESE, ESE would have given me some angle and maybe let me make 1/1.5 knots for a while. The other thing is once I’ve cleaned down and removed my sun cream that’s it for the day, I’m rationing sun cream as I’m a bit short and it looks like I need 6 months supply.

So here is the plan. In the forecast at 12:00 (11 hours from now) is wind from the ESE/SE at 12/9 knots. I’m going to try to sleep now even though it’s light and hot and start rowing at 10:00. Count on the weather forecast and do two back to back three hour sessions with just a short break. This will take me close to sun rise and depending on the new forecast go from there. I’m struggling to manage on just 2/3 hours sleep a night indefinitely so I need a new plan. When things aren’t going your way change something, that’s what I say.

While I have been writing the swell has calmed but the wind is from due south (magnetic) and still 8/10 knots so I’m best resting and rowing all night if I have too. It’s a shame as its kind of taken the fun out of going under 5 degrees, would have been nice to get to 4° 50.00.

This is the beauty of solo rowing, the Coxless Crew are catching me, not as fast as I would have thought but they are catching me, they can row 24 hours a day, all get rest after a gruelling session and go again. Unfortunately I’m not a machine, I need rest and sleep. But the beauty of solo rowing is if you can overcome the obstacles it’s like running a marathon, it’s all you, so the rewards are much higher.

Not a lot else to tell, not much life about today either.

That’s it for now.