(Continuation of the Rocky analogy)

Didn’t get much sleep in the light, probably about an hour, woke up and pottered about until about 05:30, dusk here. Here’s what happened since:

06:00 Sleep

08:30 Wake, check position and collect weather. The E-ESE in the forecast has gone (the champ lugs the kid and says “didn’t you see that coming?”). I have to decide to row or not, go on deck and a strong wind hits me in the face and we are pointing due south (champ catches the kid in the solar plexus he goes down for a count of 8), not good. Go back in and notice our position is heading north (the champ catches the kid on the chin, blood and teeth everywhere). My one saving grace over the last two days has been a tiny bit of south in the current. It’s let me hang on to the tiny gains I’ve made and made the choice to use the para anchor easier. No choice but to row whatever the conditions (the kid comes out for one more round).

09:00 Row three hours, wind from SSE and make 1.4nm south. The only thing on my mind is how much will I loose if I stop? Can’t row 24 hours so I stop, get the anchor out as quick as possible, record my position and watch what happens. What do you know, I start ticking fractionally south, only a tiny amount but enough not to loose ground. I’d been trying to work out how to have a break in 30 minutes but I could relax now. You have to take into account to deploy and retrieve the para anchor takes at least 20 minutes, I’ve been doing this at least 5 times a day, that’s an hour and forty minutes up the shoot (just like that)!

14:15 Set up to row again, wind from SSE, row for 3 hours 15 minutes, wind still strong but I’m finding a little channel. From about an hour thirty in I start picking up a bit of speed, doing tenth’s of a mile in 7 minutes, that’s incredibly slow but good for the recent past. Going really well until hit by a squall wind that’s about 15 knots which messes up the end of the session but I make 2.1nm. Things are looking up.

17:30 Stopped for breakfast, ticking south and I have to decide now if the squall wind has died down do I row or rest. The forecast (yes I know it’s been wrong every day) from 06:00 in the morning is as good as it’s going to get, ESE / E right through until the 1st. I might try and sleep again now until 21:00, the wind is from the south, then just row until I’m pooped.

18:45 Couldn’t resist it, had to try but it’s been a strange 3 hours. Went out, got on the oars, 1nm in 50 minutes that’s the fastest mile I’ve done since Wednesday. Then hit by a massive thunderstorm that came from the east, lasted about an hour, torrential rain, heavy wind and thunder, didn’t see any lightening. When it calmed down I got set up again. Within 10 minutes I was rowing into a strong headwind that came from SSE, it stopped me dead in my tracks. So it’s 21:30, I’m back on anchor, going to get some sleep. I need to be up in three hours so I can get 3 more counting hours before 04:00 and then see what I get overnight. I might be drifting slightly north but it’s fractional so I’ll see what happens. That little drift earlier could have been notice that things are changing, so to could be the 50 minute mile.

To be continued…

00:00 Just had two hours sleep, feel ok, setting up for rowing, wind from 150°/155° kind of on forecast. I’ve drifted 2nm east and .02nm north so I’ll live with that. Been another storm so there could be a lot of local effect. Should be on to make 220° though, will see if that little bit of extra speed is still there, 3.5nm in 3 hours is what I want.

04:00 Just did 3 hours 20 minutes and made 3.3nm, would have been four but I got hit by a squall after two and a half miles and it messed everything up. The spread is still there, the wind was stronger than forecast and not quite SE but it is what it is. In two hours the wind is supposed to go ESE which will help a lot. I’ve had to put the para anchor out as the wind is still south and the swell quite heavy from the squall still going NW. So I’ll make some food and start in an hour or so, try to do 6 hours with a short break, if the wind gets to east I should be able to drift a little without para anchor saving me time.

So I think there is a chance I may post a more normal day tomorrow, something like 20nm plus, however there is no sign yet of that wind moving higher but there is definitely a change in the current here so unless I have it wrong I’m approaching the edge of the ECC. We’ll have to wait and see, I’m rowing through the night anyway. I think I’m coming out for the 13th round knowing I need a knockout!
In other news:

The storms today have been massive, one good side effect is I can’t see any Albertross poop anywhere, the boats nice and clean.

The Coxless Crew are still catching me and I think they will over the next 3 days or so. I think they will make the southern equatorial current before me but not by much. Makes it a bit more interesting.

Think that’s about it.




Tom: Sounds like you had a blast while your dad had a few biscuits for 6 hours. Pass on my regards to your parents.

Mike T: Things are starting to look ok Mike, I’ve learned a few things about myself that’s for sure. Good luck with the product thing, anything I can do to help just send a message.

Grumpy: Mo certainly has the championships worked out that’s for sure, a quick finish off any pace is a strong weapon. We shouldn’t even bother buying batons!

Andrew: I think I’ve just seen the worst of it Andrew, it’s been really tough that’s for sure, thanks for the support.

Laura: Thanks for the support.

These are some boxing related jokes, hence my continuation of the theme, I won’t name the contributor, he knows who he is.

Q: How do you make a fruit punch?
A: Give it boxing lessons.

Q: Why did Mike Tyson break up with his girlfriend?
A: Ear-Reconcilable Differences

Q: What did Ricky Hatton’s manager tell him in between rounds during a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr?
A: “Let him hit you with his left for a while. Your face is crooked.”

Q: Did you hear about the new Mike Tyson computer?
A: It has two bytes and no memory
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