This will be short today as I haven’t slept much in the last 48 hours.

I left you yesterday saying I was drifting north and hoped it was a meander in the current. I’ll do this chronologically as it’s been a long day and it will help remember what went on. All times GMT.

07:30 Sleep.

09:15 Woke and checked position. I had gone 2nm north on para anchor, obviously it’s not a meander, the current is going NW. I pull in the anchor and try to get the boat to drift at a lower angle, doesn’t work. The only other option is to row, I get ready and row back to just past the previous latitude, takes 2:15 as it’s actually 5 miles of rowing. Put the para anchor out.

12:00 Wash down and reset my alarm, for an hour and 5 minutes. Get my head down.

13:05 Alarm goes off and I struggle to get up but I do, make some porridge and coffee and get ready to row.

14:00 Start rowing, this is half an hour later than a normal day. I’m trying to work out how to get at least 40 miles, I need this first session to go well. It’s pretty windless but what is here is a head wind, tough going in the dark, hard to scull the waters, a bit bumpy but I do my best. I row for three and a half hours have a 10 minute break and row another three hours twenty minutes. This second session is really hard going, the headwind picks up then moves SE and blows at 15+ knots and completely shuts down any chance of 40nm today. I decide to take 20 minutes break as I need to make food.

21:30 I now row to 04:00 with just a couple of 5 minute breaks. This session works out better though as things calm down and I get both oars in the water and scull most of it. A couple of windless squalls pass over, they pour rain and smooth the water more. I row through it all and get 36.4nm for my troubles. That’s just enough for the daily average needed to get me to Australia on the 14th December. Not a good day though, it’s hard operating on no sleep.

And I now have another problem, as I finished tonight the SSE/SE wind appeared from nowhere so I have the para anchor out, I’m loosing 3 tenth’s of a mile per hour. I now have to decide, row now (I finished about 90 minutes ago), eat some loss, get up in a couple of hours and row then, or eat more loss and re-row in the morning. I know I’m physically strong enough for this but it’s sure testing me mentally.

The thing on my mind today is I know I can do it, I feel Australia is reachable, it may be a grind, but if time was no issue I’m confident I’d get there. It’s the time issue that’s creating the strain but it is what it is, I have to be there 14th December or stop earlier elsewhere.

That’s it for now.

I’ll do messages tomorrow if that’s ok but they are definitely appreciated.