The story is not a lot different to yesterday. By the time I’d finished my chores and the blog I’d lost a full mile.  I had no choice but to row again instead of sleeping.  I intended to row back the mile south and add one, that way I could get 2 hours sleep, row one mile and have another two hours. 1.25 hours and a big squall hit, I threw out the para anchor and headed in.  I had rowed back the mile so I set my alarm for one hour, got up and the mile plus a bit had gone.  Back out and rowed for 1.25 hours, however a headwind had got up and I only managed to get half the mile back.  Exhausted, I went in, set my alarm for two hours which is just after my normal start time.
Alarm goes off, I’m now just over 2 miles north of where I finished.  Made a quick coffee and my porridge and got going.  Headwind SSE/SE, strong all morning.  I can’t leave the oars or I go backwards, can’t use the para anchor or I go backwards.  I row on stopping only for essentials like water and bathroom, each time I loose a tenth or two and it takes ages to get back.  I finally get back to last nights finishing latitude, 16.5 hours after I finished with 11 hours at the oars.  Headwind still strong, I can’t risk the para anchor, it’s bound to take me north so I push on.  Nearly 2 hours later and I have only got half a mile further south, the SSE/SE wind is making this a nightmare.  I have to stop and risk the half mile.  I’m desperate for food because all I’ve eaten in seven hours since my porridge is a handful of chocolate covered pomegranates.
And that’s where you find me now, I stopped put the para anchor out, made food and a big easterly squall blew in.   Easing so I pulled the para anchor in, I’d only lost 3 tenth’s, rowed it back in 10 minutes.  Brilliant.  Then another squall appears from the SSE, blowing like crazy, I loose 2 tenth’s, I have to put the para anchor out.  I’m now just 1 tenth south of where I finished last night.  That 1 tenth will go pulling in the para anchor.  A whole day and I’m back to where I started.  I have to go as it’s settled enough to get going again, I’ve really gone west all day but I need 6 miles in 4 hours to make 30 (don’t care if it’s all west I need to be closer to Australia).
Report Later
Half an hour later, I pulled in the para anchor and slipped back over the finish line from yesterday. Got going, and out of nowhere I now have a big squall approaching from the S/SSE, looks like a doozy.  I know these things just rise up due to the heat, humidity and surface movement but I need a break. The wind was supposed to move to the ESE a while ago.  All these squalls do is delay or override the predicted weather.

Well it’s now 06:00 GMT.  I’ve taken a different approach tonight. I eventually got back over 01° 31.000 south again for the forth time. Hard going t first but after the SSE swell from the squall eased it became rowable. I ended up at 04:00 just 4 tenth’s further south than last night. It’s gone pretty windless other than a light breeze every now and again from the SW which is really annoying. I decided to row on after four which is my normal quitting times, the rowing was the best it’s been all day and I was sculling away nicely.  I’m at 01° 33:000 south so two more miles of south, hoping to find the SW in the current but I don’t think I have, probably need to go 10 or 15 miles. I’ve had to put the para anchor out as the breeze will push me with the swell and north west. I am going north west but only a fraction I will time a tenth and then decide how long to sleep.
There is supposed to be some east wind in two or three hours, not counting on it though. I need something as I’m not sure how many more nights I can go on 2/3 hours sleep. I’ve rowed 19 out of the last 26 hours.
In any other news:
Had some Dolphins swim by today, only saw three, they were surfing in the swell, there must have been others but I was busy rowing, I was hoping they wouldn’t do anything spectacular or I’d have to stop to film.
Went under 2900 to go, thought I’d do that 2 days ago, things will have to change, I was calculating today, yesterday I actually rowed over 40 miles just some of it was re rows so doesn’t show. If I can stop going backwards I’m still ok for Cairns, it just proves I can cover the miles I just need help from the current when resting. The current model shows WSW but that means there can be SW and NW in it as well, I’m just unlucky I don’t have wind to assist drifting and am in the NW area.