Tuesday 29th September

12:30 GMT

Weather forecast to be ESE all day, varying from 9/6 to 0/12 and back to 9/6. Good angle if true.
Modest drift overnight and a bit high, course over ground 255°.

18:00 GMT

Just finished 4.5 hours, the wind is ESE, the swell not too bumpy and I rode 12.2nm, compared to 8nm for the same time yesterday. So it’s all good, strange though as I’m at the same mileage I was yesterday due to the weaker drift. However, I feel better about getting a good score if the wind holds to ESE. No trauma to report, all is good in the world, I would take this all the way to Australia.

05:30 GMT

Well not a lot changed for the next 9.5 hours, the wind stayed as forecast, just got a bit lighter. The swell eased all day, it’s very calm at the moment, the doldrums have the doldrums! The sun however was the challenge today. From 9am local time its been out in full force. I kept a good strong pace for the 4.25 hours following breakfast (had to steel 15 minutes, I had some work, work to do) and I didn’t do bad in the last 4.5 hours but it was really tough keeping going. I’ve been quite tired the last few days and the heat combined with very light wind was torturous. Any way, I got to the end of the day with the only difference really between today compared to yesterday was 15 degrees in wind angle. As I said even light wind from the right direction makes life easier and that’s what we got today. I managed 43.5nm, not incredible but most of those were rowed, if I had yesterday’s drift I would have been very close to 50. My course over ground was good too, for 24 hours it was 233°, mission control should be happy.

I’m exhausted so it’s an early night for me.

Any other news:

Not a lot today. Cairns is 2768nm away. We are trying to work out if I can get resupplied on route but that’s not looking good. Currently I have food until about December 7th. Some big decisions to make along the way soon.

That’s it for now.



Joe: Great to hear from you, family is a powerful thing and the responsibility (as well as fun) is what holds us together. I’m sure you get that now with Barney. Cheryl and I would do it all again in an instant.

Mike: Yes, got my poofs mixed up, Brian was trying to explain the wind and I was more of pooof than a puff.

Colin: Well some good news, at least you’re out running, I agree, keeping fit and active as you get older is harder but well worth the effort, look at Mike, a fine example to us all.

Brian: Be careful out at nighty Brian, it’s a strange place you’re in.

Geoff : Thanks, staying safe always at the top of the list. However it’s like s boating pond at the moment.

Patrick: That’s a tough trip Patrick and working expo hours as well. Hope it was worth it and the Germans all have a stick now.