Tuesday 27th October

12:00 GMT – Up early as boat acting weird. Forecast, SE 18/15/12. The current model which is based on the day before data showed a NNW current. I found a NE current last night so in the last week the current has gone SE, SSE, N, NW, NNW, NE. There’s no wonder I have struggled all week. I lost 4 miles south last night, I’m in danger of dropping out of 10° and back to 9°. The ESE wind in the forecast is now gone and I’m left with SE. So everything wants me north. Not sure how to escape.

17:30 GMT – So after a few text exchanges it looks like the best way out of this was to go WNW at 290°/300°, give up some hard fought south but escape quicker. Not great but I have to get to good water as days are dribbling away. I’m heading for 09°40.000S – 177°20.000W which is about 50nm and could take two days.

You would think easing my course would make going a bit easier but it really doesn’t. The last few days I’ve had the boat tight up to the wind and swell trying to make under 250°, the boat was pointing at magnetic 240° or just under. To make 290° it’s just over 240° on the compass. So I’m still tight up to the wind and moving slow. The other thing with the current and swell fighting is the boat slews a lot, really uncomfortable and difficult to do anything, that’s what woke me this morning.

And finally, I’ve really been struggling to keep my head up and eyes open this morning. I’m past exhausted, the last week may look poor on the site but the effort has been even bigger than normal.

I’ll have Cheryl/Georgie post this today so everyone knows what’s going on and repost it tomorrow as normal when complete.