Friday 27th November

14:00. – Forecast – SSE/SE 18/15, then mainly SE 18/15/12/18. If it’s high enough the SE should help push me over the current. Didn’t in the night as I only drifted 2nm so I’m still trapped. I had to put para anchor out two hours ago when SSE kicked in because I did start going NNW. Signs are not good for today, plus I’ve had to take more pain killers, I’ll explain the injury tonight.

18:30 – Well, things are about as frustrating as they can get. 14 hours since 04:00 day end yesterday and I’ve knocked 7nm off the distance to Cairns. Even with an 18 knot wind I couldn’t get up to two knots. There was one glimmer of hope and that was the last 20 minutes when I seemed to be getting better speed even though the wind had dropped. I could be leaving the bad current, could just be wind angle, I just don’t know. These things happen over a period of time so I’ll see through the day. The frustration is that I’m coping ok with SE wind and even the SSE now my required course is 260° and not 240°. I know today could be a forty plus day if not way better. All I can do is take the best on offer and keep moving. I do worry though that Cheryl and the girls will be gone by the time I get there and there is nowhere to stop along the way!

06:30 GMT – So, back out, what I hadn’t noticed because I was so busy was we had started drifting in a normal fashion, that’s a good sign. I go to the oars and started pulling away, what do you know, straight up to 2 knots, faster than I ever went yesterday. From there it continued, not totally convinced because despite seeing some threes on the knotometer, I never really got the speed I thought I would from the big wind. However I did 11nm in the next 5 hours so just over two knots, I’ll take that thank you. I’m not totally convinced I’m in the clear, the last 45 minutes seemed to slow down and that has put some doubt in my head, just need to get up tomorrow and hit it hard.

In other news:

My goal is to be under 1000nm by Monday finish.

Just got weather from Tony, tomorrow is much the same as today SE, but with some 21 knots thrown in, that much SE can be hard to handle if it’s low. However Sunday it starts to go ESE up to 24 knots. That’s a good blow and could get me back on track.

Cairns is 1124 nm away. 22 good days row.

So this injury, originally I thought it was my lower shoulder, beneath my scapula. Turns out it may have been two things, some muscle damage to the scapula and a cracked rib. The muscle damage seems to have cleared up so that’s positive. The rib which is three or four up on the left on the side however has not improved. I couldn’t sit up this morning so had to roll on my stomach and shimmy off my sleep pad. I took some pain killers which as I said I’m not a fan of but had no choice, that worked ok. I was trying not to take anymore but at 01:00 an hour or so after the last ones had worn off I had no choice, I couldn’t pull on the oars. I hate to think what damage I’m doing but I’m the only engine on the boat. I’ll take more tomorrow and hope it improves, not sure how though. I’ve somehow got to get through the next 25 days.

Apparently Libby did a presentation about the row at school assembly. Well done Libby for getting up in front of the school, hope you didn’t show any embarrassing pictures of me.

Here’s a seasonal joke from the Webber clan:

“A couple were Christmas shopping. The shopping centre was packed and as the wife walked around she was surprised to discover that her husband was nowhere to be seen. She was quite upset because they had a lot to do and hence she called him on her mobile phone to ask him where he was. In a quiet voice he said: “Do you remember the jewellers we went into about five years ago, where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we couldn’t afford and I told you that I would get it for you one day?” The wife choked up and started to cry and said: “Yes, I do remember that shop.” He replied: “Well, I’m in the pub next door!”
While I was doing the messages I was sideswiped by a big wave early had the boat over. Not easy trying to drift with a big SE wind pushing the swell. Best put everything away tonight.

I need some sleep and will dream about 24 knot ESE wind and big scores.




Rene: The sky is often red in a morning and at night so it’s not much help. The moon rises at different times, I prefer without the moon as you see more stars but when the horizon is free from cloud, yes it’s like a sun rise.

Patrick: That’s some drive Patrick. Things are looking better, not sure I can cope with my mood swings much longer though.

Brian: If I don’t put the hours in Brian I won’t get out of here. Say hi to everyone for me.

Mike: How can he be a VP and be taking the cash? Sorry to hear about Malcolm, that’s a cracking story though Mike.

Mayah: Thanks Mayah, hope you liked Libby’s presentation. Say hi to your mom and dad for me.