Saturday 26th December

10:30 GMT – Forecast – 12:00 NW 6, 15:00 WNW 9-6, 00:00 variable less than 6, 03:00 SW 6. That’s about as bad as it gets when you are going SW and there’s a ESE current. No idea how it will work out, or if the forecast will be accurate, there is some NE late in the day, might need to take a break before and try and crack on if it appears, could be an 18 to 20 hour day today.

13:45 GMT – Felt a slight change in breeze, I think I’ve got some NE breeze plus I’m now drifting south which makes more sense. I’m getting going while there’s some kind of help even though it’s not much. 51.7nm to go.

18:15 GMT – Well I did get some benefit from the NE Pressure, it was never really a breeze but helped me along. After an hour or so the same from the NW and an hour later from the west. So the only wind to blow is from the SW and that’s blowing 6/9 knots now. I’ve still done a just about acceptable job, just 43.7nm to go. I am tired though so I’m having a 10 minute nap while my food cools.

20:30 GMT: Land Ho, spotted land just beneath the clouds and it’s Australian land, brilliant.

08:30 GMT: Got to keep this short, I only had 2 hours sleep last night, 3.5 the night before and only having 2 tonight.

It was a tough day as I’ve done 17 hours of rowing, the session after (rowed all day without much break actually) I went back out and all was changing, wind light and sometimes not so light wind from SW, WNW, NW, made life difficult, so did the current, eddies and direction changes.

Eventually met up with Tony and Dez, they are here to help if I get in any trouble. Shortly after I met them I entered Grafton pass, the wind eased as did the current and it’s been a grind ever sense but a good one.

We decided to arrive at the Marlin Marina on the 27th between 9 am and 11am local, too many people are interested for me to slink in, in the middle of the night. I’m now holding up with just over 21nm to go and will be setting off at 12:30am so I need to get my head down.

Cheryl and the girls came in a helicopter this afternoon, pretty cool rowing along being buzzed by a helicopter.

Apparently TV crews are coming out on my final approach in the morning and a number of crews and press will be at the marina. Not really sure what else is going on but I’ll report tomorrow.

So there’s interest in my adventure that I didn’t expect, the web site was just to share the story with family and friends like the Atlantic. I guess it’s understandable, I think I underestimated this trip in many ways, I’ve come to realise it really is something special.

Cheryl and the girls will come out first thing and then head back to the marina, can’t wait to get off the boat and give them a big hug, 7 months is a long time to be away from people you love.

That will do for today, I suspect I will do a few blogs in the coming days until the story is told. If you’ve already sent a message I’ll add you to the mailing list so I can let you know if I post anything new. If you haven’t messaged and want adding just send a message saying ‘mailing list’. (You can send the message from the contact page on the website).

Definitely arriving tomorrow.



Editors Note: We will update the website in the morning around 6am with a better idea of John’s ETA. When John rows into Marlin Marina he will head to G41. Anyone who wishes to be part of the Flotilla that will be out on the water to welcome John, all we ask is that we give him the space to row directly into the harbour.