Wednesday 30th December

Well, things have been very strange the last couple of days, the interest from the press has been astounding. I’ve spent most of the last two days doing phone interviews either live on radio or TV or for papers here in Australia, the UK and Canada. I’m sure I mentioned the Breakfast show we did while still in Cairns, I’ve also made the Canadian Breakfast shows and last night went to ABC’s studios that are just round the corner and did the BBC breakfast show live (more nerve racking than leaving San Francisco) followed by BBC World service. Apparently I’ve made most of the BBC news programs, Radio 5 Live, Canadian TV wants to see me when I get back, the list goes on. Apparently a package was aired on USA Today which has a massive audience. I’m totally blown away by the interest and it seems a fascinating way to finish the experience. I seem to have made all the papers, even the broadsheets in the UK, I’ve done follow up interviews with the Canadian papers that covered the story a few weeks ago, it’s mind boggling, it seems all you need to do to get your 15 minutes is spend 7 months in continual torment and you’re set. I’ve been recognised in the airport and in the street, as I say its all a bit strange.

We are having trouble still with internet connections here so we will update the website with images and video, links to coverage etc when we get home. I will also start answering all the emails I’ve received.

Back in the real world I went for a run this morning with Georgie, toughest run in 10 years. I knew my legs would find it difficult as my quads are virtually non existent at the moment. I didn’t expect to struggle with my breathing, Georgie was chattering away and I couldn’t find the strength to respond. Looks like I’ve got a long road to get back in shape for the weight bearing world.

Here are a few things I’ve mentioned recently that we didn’t post the image of and a few others.
The cartoon in the Cairns Post:

Cartoon John

Cartoon John

The sky the morning I rowed in to Cairns:

Arrival Daybreak

Arrival Daybreak

Border Security:

Where is your passport sunshine?

Where is your passport sunshine?

Rowing hands:

Rowing in the rain

Rowing in the rain.

Fishy business:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 09.29.59

Dolphin encounter

Thats it for today, it will be a couple of days until I post again as we are traveling tomorrow.