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John rowed the Atlantic Classic Route in 2011

That Journey Took 53 Days

You can read the blog from John’s Atlantic Journey HERE

John Beeden, a lifelong runner, is responsible each year for organising the London Marathon Exhibition and Registration. He lives in Canada with his Canadian wife and two daughters and in 2011 rowed the Atlantic from the Canaries to Barbados in 53 days.

Not satisfied following his Atlantic adventure, John has been preparing for a new challenge.

On 31st May 2015 John intends to row from San Francisco to Cairns.

If John completes his 2015 attempt, he will be the first rower to cross the Pacific from North America to Australia, solo, non stop and unassisted. This has not been attempted since Peter Bird in 1983. Peter was rescued of the coast of Australia in a storm after 294 days at sea.


Why take on a challenge like this is a great question with many answers.

I think this quote neatly sums up why I want to take on the challenge better than I ever could (apart from the dying that is);

“I don’t think that those of us who have felt the need to climb a mountain or row an ocean have done it, or will do it, “because it’s there” but “because we are here”. Without us mountains and oceans have no meaning by themselves: they “are there” and always will be but, for a very, very few, their presence inspires a dream of pitting our puny strength against their might, and to conquer not them but ourselves. The quest to prove worthy of an almost inconceivable challenge is our greatest reward. To us it is not the final result that matters but how we measure up to our self-imposed task to confront and do battle with Nature at its rawest. And those who die in the attempt do not die in defeat; quite the opposite, their death is, in many ways, a triumph, the symbol of that indomitable human spirit that will break before it bends. To test what we are made of, that is our pursuit”

John Fairfax – First solo rower of the Atlantic

There are many other reasons to complete a challenge of this nature, some are:

To have something worth while on your headstone.

To lead from the front and teach the kids there is no challenge too big.

To go down swinging as we age.

To break free of the mundane routine of paying the mortgage.

Just to feel alive and in control of your own destiny.