Socks II was designed by Naval architect Phil Morrison and built by Jamie Fabrizio in Cornwall in the UK. Jamie is an outstanding boat builder and and built John’s first ocean rowing boat, Socks I, in which John rowed across the Atlantic in 2011/12. Socks II has an number of design changes made following lessons learned on John’s Atlantic crossing. John wouldn’t dream of going to sea in a boat built by anyone else.

note: Socks is now renamed “Happy Socks” and owned by Sara Outen who is on the on the last leg of her London2London circumnavigation crossing the North Atlantic from Cape Cod to London.

She is 6m long and measures 159cm across her beam. She is constructed of closed cell foam sandwiched on the outside by kevlar and on the inside by  fibre glass. She has two reinforced bulkheads, each with a large watertight hatch giving access into the fore and aft cabins. She has a number of watertight compartments along each side of the deck to store food.

All the electronics, navigation and communication equipment, water maker and 12v batteries  are in the rear cabin. The batteries are charged with a series of solar panels on the two cabin tops.

She is equipped as any high-tech ocean going vessel, with GPS and magnetic navigation, AIS (safety system), satellite phone, satellite email, EPIRB, VHF radio and a yellow brick GPS tracker. She is packed as lightly as possible but with rower safety first and foremost.

She weighs approximately 2500lbs when fully loaded.