John is aiming to row solo across the Pacific, the Worlds largest ocean, from California (USA) to Queensland (Australia).

The trip is expected to take between 140 and 180 days to complete. The crossing will be undertaken without any stops or a support vessel. As such John will have to be totally self reliant for the duration of the crossing, taking all supplies with him.

Departing form San Francisco late May early June, John’s route will take him from continent to continent passing south of Hawaii, through the South Sea Islands, across the Coral Sea and through the Great Barrier Reef, before arriving in Cairns.

The closest any solo rower has come to completing this journey came in 1983 when, after 294 days at sea, Peter Bird was rescued by the Australian Navy in the Coral Sea off the Great Barrier Reef. A handful of other solo crossings have been made, some taking three seasons to complete, but none have been continuous without stops.

John's Team

John’s extensive support is provided by:

Tony Humphreys – Tony is John’s land-based support. He helps with preparation and advice before the trip, monitors daily progress and provides weather and routing advice while John is at sea. In case of emergency Tony would act as rescue coordinator in support to the Coast Guard. Tony looks after other Ocean adventures and you can find out more about his services at Ocean Pursuits.

The rest of John’s team consists of a patient family! Wife Cheryl will look after everything at home (including John’s work) and also update the website every day, Daughters Georgie and Libby will provide IT technical help for Cheryl and film editing respectively.

Honourable mentions

Mark Bruckmann. Mark is a friend who made some alterations to SOCKS at short notice and did a superb job. He owns Bruckmann Yachts, and builds incredible craft.

Rob Eustace, Rob is an accomplished ocean rower, he completed the Atlantic classic route in 2005 as a double with Pete Williams and last year he rowed solo from San Francisco to Hilo (Hawaii) proving to John that with persistence it can be  done. Rob owns a shipping company MK3I and has provided logistical help for John’s trip.

Jim MacDonald – Jim is a water maker wizard (amongst other things) and provides the best back up service anywhere in the world. His company Mactra Mrine is a must for any ocean rower.